The alliance of passion and knowledge.

Mémoire du Vin is an original way of managing a wine cellar, combining technology and tradition, this monolith designed in oak is the expression of simplicity.  

You will have a valuable and practical tool to manage your wine cellar, as much as for adding a personal note on a wine or for browsing your collection. Whether in your wine cellar or your sitting room, this contemporary and high-tech sculpture will find its place.

Mémoire du Vin works with a ring that slides onto the bottle neck. Designed to fit any bottle, it becomes a register of information about each bottle. You simply scan the ring onto a sensor on the side of the monolith and the information will be displayed directly on the touch screen.

Your wine collection will be immediately and intuitively accessible. The existing database is updated regularly, referencing the most important vineyards in the world. Therefore, it is easy to find a reference for your stock.

It can be accessible through a secured channel from any mobile device such as a Blackberry, an Iphone.

Mémoire du Vin is a product for wine lovers. The system is innovative, adapted to the individual and the professional. It was created and produced in Switzerland.